Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Been waaaay too long since I put any art on this page. Truth is, I've been depressed and not very productive. So, all you're going to get is some dinky little sketches of me copying the great masters Mickey and Leo. These are all done in pencil on a 5.5"x8" sketchbook from a calendar with prints of Renaissance brush-flickers that's only a little larger. I've cropped them in most cases.
Best first, worst (or at least most incomplete) last: two versions of a portrait of one-hit wonder Native Tongue affiliate Monie Love. The first version gets the gown pretty well but flubs the face, the second is a closer and more accurate look at her grill. I'll see about photoshopping these together, maybe.

Next up we have "The Weaselcuddler" a touching portrait of a lady and her pet rodentiacide.

Then there's a portrait of self-published comics soopahstah Deadface in the blush of youth.

Followed by Strongbad's penpal, Sybbie.

Some Hot Saint on Saint Action, as baby Jesus beats up a sheep

and finally ol' man Zeke.

I hope to get back in the grove here and get some more interesting stuff out more often.
Just a teenser little bump here to note that I finished "The Long Goodbye" then read "Neverwhere" followed by "Huck Finn" and am now plowing through "The Language Instinct."