Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Man, what a start to the week this has been. I feel like I've been worked over hard. Let me start at the beginning.

As you may recall, my landlady Jude has given me until the end of February to move out, because she has another friend whom she wants to give my spot. I'm entirely ok with this, since I want a place with more space and privacy anyway, and besides, she told me in January when I was already looking for new apartments, so it wasn't anything like a surprise for either of us. After a pretty fair amount of looking and some false starts, last thursday I submitted an application and a deposit for a 1-1 in a small, older, but nicely remodeled complex near the area where I've been temping for some time and was on contract to continue through May, so I thought I had some wiggle room.

But as I've also mentioned recently, I've had the longest and most severe case of cedar fever of my life for the last month or more. I've had to take some days off when I felt that opportunistic contagions had gotten the better of me and I was dealing with flu or sinus infections or whatever. Yesterday, this problem cost me my gig, ironically, not because I missed work, but because there were complaints that I was coming in sick to the office and my presence was unhygenic as a result. The temp agency said to talk to them today around nine (it's a little past seven now) about finding more work, and I'll put my other agencies on alert too, and furthermore I'll redouble my efforts and finding a permanent position (I admit that months-long temping assignments dampen my enthusiasm for looking for real long-term work) but in the meantime, there's every chance that in the next day or two I'll get possession of an apartment I can no longer afford (unless I get a job lightning fast) and certainly in less than three weeks I HAVE to find somewhere to hang my hat, and I really, really don't want it to be at my mother's house again. And of course, I'm still hardly able to breathe, sleeping poorly as a result, and generally feeling like pounded shit both on a physical and an emotional level.

Uh, happy valentines day!