Thursday, March 23, 2006

Okay, so all you artsy-smarty types, I've finally gotten all the symmetry issues hammered out, so here's what I've got so far.

I want to create this thing (partially inspired by freeway overpass charts) in such a way that it "reads" as if each color cord/cable/strand/whatever has a definite direction that is its origin, and then the five representative strands of each color diverge and move in different directions. I also want it to hold itself up by it's own structure and tensile strength (as much as is possible) and for it to sit horizontally to the viewer as if on a table (but, without support directly underneath - a web in mid air) My thought right now is that it would be about two and a half feet tall at the 'web' level, and probably three or four feet across. Presently I'm thinking the best way to get the whole 'origin/destination' point across is by making it from electrical cords with the origin cords coming over the top of the frame on each side and the destination cords coming from underneath. The destination cords would then plug into a surge-protector beneath each side of the frame (one protector per color, natch), and at the destination end, a low wattage lamp with a bulb or gel of the associated color turned back onto the web so the sculpture is self illuminating.


1 - Is this a ripoff of some older work?

2 - Any ideas for materials/techniques re: building the frame?

3 - Any better ways to get the origin destination idea across while keeping the budget semi-reasonable and the basic design intact?

4 - Is it a just plain dumb concept?

5 - Any other comments, questions or suggestions are welcomed.