Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is what happens when I watch Madigan with a sketchpad in my lap.

One thing's for sure, I'm never going to be a "Good Girl Artist." God don't like ugly, but it's my specialty, seemingly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My equinoctal headmowing:

I started from my "Viking Berserker" look

And took it in stages: First: "Civil War General"

Then, "70 Metalhead"

Halfway there...

and I'm shorn for the hot season!

I had to clean the bathroom floor, though.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My lateish entry into Calamity Jon's art supplies photo meme.

First, we have my constant companions. I'm almost never without this pocktful of pencils, pens, and in the center there, a folding protractor/straightedge/ruler. The pencils are Mars Lumographs in the hardnesses F H 3H 4H and on the soft side, 3B and 5B. The pens are Faber Castell Pitt markers in widths S M F and my favorite, B, which has an almost brush-like soft cone-shaped tip. Honestly, B gets probably 4 to 5 times as much use as the other three combined. S comes in second for crosshatchery. Not pictured are a cheapie sharpener and a white plastic eraser, as well as the moleskine tablet that I can sometimes fit in a pocket if I'm wearing a jacket or cargo pants. I carry my man-bag most everywhere, though, where it lives the rest of the time.

This stuff (mostly) stays at home. Sometimes I'll bring it with me, though.

From bottom left we have a rubber manniquin, a plastic box full of prismacolor greyscales, the protractor/straightedge/ruler in it's open state, a Canson 9X12 sketch pad ridden by a bottle of pen cleaner, a roll-up of 30 colored pencils, a pillbox used to hold a few pen nibs, a staff, and at the center, the pencils and pens from the previous photo, along with the moleskine, one jar each of black and white ink (haven't tried the white yet!) and an artgum eraser. All the bottles and the manniquin can fit in that red box without removing any of the greyscales, so that's a pretty good deal. If I didn't carry around so many goddamn books, this whole thing could fit in my shoulder bag easy. As it is, I could probably manage it anyway. One thing I gotta do is actually learn to use the crowquills and brushes to ink. I like the Pitts a lot, but I think I could get a lot more elegant with real classical tools.

So, that's the tour! Now I gotta draw some shit, so I don't seem like a total fucking posuer...