Thursday, November 06, 2008

Coming soon to Metal Edge magazine (Thanks, Phil!)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My fiscal crisis/election night mix. Enjoy!

1. Gang of Four "Capital (It Fails Us Now)"
2. Coolio "County Line"
3. The Coup "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish"
4. M.I.A. feat. Bun B and Rich Boy "Paper Planes (Diplo Street remix)"
5. Louvin Brothers "Cash on the Barrelhead"
6. Merle Haggard "Hobo's Meditation"
7. George Carlin "Muhammed Ali/America the Beautiful"
8. Dengue Fever "Sober Driver"
9. Ohio Players "O-H-I-O"
10. Wu Tang Clan "Triumph"
11. Parliament "Chocolate City"
12. Chuck Berry "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
13. Fishbone "Mighty Long Way"
14. James Brown "Funky President"
15. Azeem "F.U.W."
16. Nina Simone "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
17. Sharon Jones "This Land is Your Land"
What's happenin' CC? They still call it the White House but that's a temporary condition too, can you dig it CC?